The Dragoons are a group of warriors dedicated to slaying large monsters. Of course, they are most famous for taking on dragons, to the point that many of them have a definite dragon motif to their armor. Armed with a spear to be able to reach vital points on barn-sized creatures with hides like rock, Dragoons leap fearlessly into battle.

It is hypothesized that the amazing physical abilities shown by a Dragoon are the result of natural talent for magic combined with a strict training regimen, and channeled towards something other than spells.

Hit Die: d10.


To become a dragon knight, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Base Attack Bonus: +6.
Feats: Weapon Focus (polearms)
Skills: Acrobatics 8 ranks.

Class Skills

The dragon knight’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex).
Skill ranks at Each level: 4 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are features of the dragon knight prestige class:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Dragon knights are proficient with shortspears, longspears, spears, tridents, guisarmes, halberds, lances, and ranseurs. Dragon knights are proficient with all armors but not with shields.
Jump (Su): A dragon knight is supernaturally endowed with the ability to leap great distances. Whenever a dragon knight makes an Acrobatics check to attempt a jump, he receives a competence bonus equal to twice his dragon knight level.
Leap Attack (Ex): A dragon knight can make a leaping strike that emulates a dragon’s flyby attack. Whenever a dragon knight attempts a charge, he can simultaneously make an Acrobatics check to ignore obstacles or terrain penalties. The DC for this check is equal to the distance to be crossed (if horizontal) or four times the height to be reached (if vertical). In addition, whenever he performs a melee attack at the end of a charge, he deals extra damage. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 every two dragon knight levels after. Should a dragon knight score a critical hit with a leap attack, this extra damage is not multiplied. A dragon knight cannot deal nonlethal damage with a leap attack, not even with the usual -4 penalty.
The dragon knight must be able to see the target before he can make a leap attack. A dragon knight cannot perform a leap attack while striking a creature with concealment.


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